Sometimes inspiration comes from the craziest places, or in this case, the leftovers from a previous DIY project. Confused? Let’s back rack. Remember when we taught you how to bleach stamp your clothes? Well, before bleaching the fabric we dabbed the extra bleach on a piece of card stock. Thinking nothing of it, we continued stamping on our clothes. Hours later we noticed how the bleach changed the paper and were delighted by the results. Just like fabric, the bleach reacts differently with each color paper. What we found so eye-catching about this stationery was the dimension of hues. But honestly, one of our favorite parts is how simple and easy this DIY really is. Top off your stamped masterpieces with some hand lettering and toss it in the mail!



– card stock

– paint pens or milky pens

– bleach

– stamps


– sponge

– plate



1. Pour bleach onto a bowl or a plate and place the sponge on top of the bleach to soak it up. This will be your stamp pad.

2. Cut your card stock to create a card and stamp away!

3. Let it dry and spice it up with some fun typography.


Pour bleach into a shallow dish and let the sponge soak it up. This will be your stamp pad.


Add bleach to your stamp and press the stamp down on your card. Watch the paper slowly expose your stamps! Pro tip: Don’t get too much bleach on the card or it will get soggy. We recommend doing a test stamp before taking the stamp to your cards.


Create a pattern with your stamps or go with a solo image.


Once dry, grab your favorite pens and add some text! Want to learn more about hand lettering? Take our e-class.


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In honor of our star point guard — Steph Curry for the shot!


For the ultimate Warriors fan or the ultimate Drake fan — your call.


It’s true. Hangry gets the best of us sometimes.


Pro tip: Always carry around a small snack in your purse. Stay away from soft fruit, especially if you are also carrying knitting needles :)


Newly graduated? Send out bleach-stamped graduation announcements to friends and family.


As a fellow graduate, I can tell you it takes a lot of time to send out graduation cards to all your friends. We promise you that bleach stamping is quick and provides amazing results.


Don’t be shy — bleach stamp the envelopes too!

Do you love this DIY as much as we do? Try it out and share your masterpieces with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. As always, leave your questions and comments below!