When it comes to getting ready, sometimes it’s the little things you get the most hung up on most. Which five rings should I stack on my digits today? Which pair of ankle boots should I zip on? They may seem silly, but it’s those finishing touches that really show off your personality and styling know-how. In other words: it’s important, so we get why you’d be late out the door wavering over something as (seemingly) simple as whether or not to tuck in your shirt — we’ve all been there.


(Photo via Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

In this post, we’re hoping to help you tackle a styling last-move that we’ve all most likely teetered over: which necklace to wear with what sweater. Below, we take into consideration the defining features of every pullover you probably own, from the neckline to the thickness of knit, before we select a style of necklace to pair it with. Scroll through to see what jewels you should be wearing with your staple knitwear.



Make the most of that high-and-tight neckline by dressing it up with a collar necklace that has some serious shine.

Perfect Pair: J.Crew Tilly Sweater ($75) + Gabriela Artigas Swarovski Crystal Necklace ($300)

Runner Up: Let’s be real, any statement necklace.



Don’t let a slouchy polo neck salt your jewelry game. An equally oversized necklace with a band long enough to clear the cowl will hold up to the big knit.

Perfect Pair: Zara Turtleneck ($80) + Objects Without Meaning Noodle Thin Necklace ($122)

Runner Up: A metallic body chain will hold up to this chunky knit and easily clear the neckline.



Just because your sweater is cropped doesn’t mean you should stick to short-chained necklaces too. A longer strand will actually elongate your whole look.

Perfect Pair: H&M Knit Sweater ($18) + Adina Reyter V Solid Triangle Lariat Necklace ($195)

Runner Up: A choker necklace — go ’90s or go home.



Avoid disrupting the pattern on your sweater by wearing your zippy knit with an elegant choker that plays into its preppy feel.

Perfect Pair: COS Clean-Edge Striped Jumper ($89) + Baublebar Snowball Pearl Collar ($42)

Runner Up: A metallic bar necklace — curved or straight as a board — will give off a similar elegant vibe.



Take advantage of that dip in your neckline by complimenting it with a delicate charm necklace (even if the engraving on it is anything but #getitgirl).

Perfect Pairing: UNIQLO Cashmere V Neck Sweater ($80) + In God We Trust In It to Win It Necklace ($100)

Runner Up: A drop pendant necklace that still plays into the shape of the neckline.



Consider the opening of your cardigan to be like curtains on a sartorial stage. That means your necklace is in the spotlight, so make it count with a long, structural necklace.

Perfect Pairing: Mango Metallic Mohair-Blend Cardigan ($80) + Molly M Designs Tribal Lasercut Necklace ($80)

Runner Up: A long, layered pendant necklace won’t go unnoticed.

Chunky Knit


Just remember this: no sweater is too snuggly to be outfitted with bling. Stand up to the thick skin with a mega metallic bib necklace that carries just as much weight.

Perfect Pairing: Topshop Boutique Chunky Cable Knit Jumper ($125) + Stella + Dot Pegasus Necklace ($198)

Runner Up: A chic rope necklace plays up the chunky style in the best possible way.

What makes *your* perfect sweater and necklace combo? Tell us in the comments below.