You can tell that boot DIY has been on the brain lately, ‘cause as soon as we laid our eyes on these basic suede booties, we only saw an insane amount of potential. Add color? Definitely. What about fringe? Absolutely. And chunky chain? For sure! We obviously couldn’t choose just one way to trick ‘em out, so we’re making over three pairs three ways.

Not only are three kinds are better than one (which interestingly enough holds true for both bootie designs and variety of cheeses on a pizza), but each of these DIYs all take less than 15 minutes to do! It’s a quick fashion fix no matter which style you’re into!


– boots

– thin and thick nylon cord

– four gold grommets

– four 6.5 mm gold end crimps

– two gold cord caps

– E-6000 glue


– fabric scissors

– lighter

– exacto knife

– grommet setter

– needle nose jewelry pliers

First, measure around the top of your boots with the cord, and cut it with about an extra inch on either side. Cut one more large cord and four strands of smaller neon cord to match that length. Once you’ve burned all their ends to prevent fraying, set those aside, ‘case its time to slice up those booties!

Grab a grommet and eyeball where you want it placed near the top, inside ankle. Then slice a cross shape into your fabric! (If your boots are a faux leather finish, you could use a large grommet punch to create a hole instead.) Slide your grommets through the cut, then—stop, hammer time!

Next, lace your fabric through your grommet and secure it to the inside with an end crimp. Then, start lopping your cords around your boots! We made a neon yellow sandwich out of our cord trio—it was too cute to resist ;) Finally, add that last grommet, and crimp your cords together on the inside of the boot. Trim away the excess cord and you’re pretty much done! But first, let’s turn our attention to the zipper, shall we?

Sure the zipper is on the inside of these booties, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t show it some love! ;) So loop two pieces of cord (ours were two and 1/2 inches long) through the zipper, and pop the ends into a cord cap filled with E-6000 glue. Let it sit for about five minutes, then toss on those kicks!


– boots

– faux leather

– 20 quarter inch round brass studs


– tape measure

– ruler

– Sharpie

– fabric scissors

– glue gun + glue

– needle nose jewelry pliers

Start out by measuring the top of your ankle boot from middle seam to the zipper (ours comes out to six inches) and also measure down the back whatever length you want your fringe to be (ours was about three and a quarter inches long.)

Then trace those measurements on the underside of the faux leather twice—one for each boot. Once you’ve created those rectangles, it’s time to add a few more markings. Since the top part of the fringe will be folded over to create a clean line, mark a fold line about one inch from the top. Then mark another 1/2 inch from there—this is where you’ll start drawing your fringe.

Just a few more things to measure! To make nice, thin fringe, mark every quarter inch across the fabric, then draw a line from each dot down to the bottom. Then cut that fringe!

To make the fringe really stand out, we’re adding a trim of brass-colored studs. Lay out and mark the position of your studs 10 in a row, then push them through the fabric. Our faux leather was fairly thin, which is why the studs glided through so smoothly. But if your material is thicker, you may need to pre-poke some holes for the studs using a safety pin.

Remember that fold line? Use that as a guide to add your hot glue, then fold the fabric over and hold to secure. Doesn’t the top look much better now? Finally, glue the fringe trim to the top of your booties!

 – chunky gold chain

– 7mm gold jump rings

– 2.7m suede cord

– rhinestone trim

– 2 mm silver end crimp

– 7mm silver jump rings

 – fabric scissors

– glue gun + glue

– two needle nose jewelry pliers

– chain cutters

This process for decking out this pair of booties is much more freeform, since all you do is drape chain around the boots until it hangs the way you like!

There’s only one thing to remember: you’lll be fastening the chain to the top part of the zipper, so make sure it’s a good draping length when the boot is both zipped and unzipped. There’s definitely a sweet spot, and once you find it, cut your chain, attach jump rings, and close them up around the zipper.

Once you have your first flowy chain attached, start adding more on! There’s no such thing as too much or too little with this DIY, so go with whatever suits your fancy. We liked the placement of another gold chain draped just above the first. You can keep adding gold chain, or mix it up with silver chain, or if you’re like us, add rhinestones! Again, we just eyeballed their placement—we like them here on the top.

Next, glue the rhinestone trim to a matching suede cord. Once you’ve crimped either end of the newly blinged out cord, add it to the gang with silver jump rings.

And now, it’s time to rock these booties! :)

Things were a little silly on the shoot, but how awesome are those tribal leggings?

Which boot DIY is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.