Giving presents is one of the best parts of the holiday season — when you know you nailed it, that is. Is there any better feeling than seeing a loved one utterly delighted at what you’ve given them? Apparently not. According to a recent survey commissioned by Marshalls, 90 percent of American women would skip gifts for themselves if they knew they could guarantee that all of their recipients would be happy with what they got. That’s a lot of eager-to-please shoppers. Read on to see what else the results revealed, how you fare compared to the average gift giver, and how you can maximize your shopping experience this year.

Shopping Deals

If you wish for more creativity when it comes to holiday shopping, you’re not alone. 94 percent of American women believe the best gifts are the ones that are least expected, but almost a third of us go shopping with a specific list of what our peeps want. Sure, a list can help you stay organized, but an open mind might be even more valuable. If the thought of strolling the stores without a plan makes you hyperventilate, try it just once — maybe after you’ve already tackled the bulk of your list.

By the end of the holiday shopping season, you might feel like you practically live in retail stores. The truth is, you’re not far off. According to the report, women say they spend an average of 36 hours shopping for presents. Imagine what you could do with some of those hours back! One way to reclaim your time? Hit stores with a wide, varied selection (yes, like Marshalls), so you can score for everyone from your parents to your coworkers all in one place.

Don’t feel guilty if you find yourself scrambling for gifts, either. The statistics show one-third of women say they wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping. So there’s basically a 33.3 percent chance your Auntie Helen got your gift at the eleventh hour too. Procrastinators of the world, unite! (And go easy on yourselves.)

Pampering yourself amidst all the chaos is vital — and apparently not uncommon. 91 percent of women admit to buying a little something for themselves while shopping for others. So treat yourself, girl! You deserve it.

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