If you haven’t noticed already, the ’80s are back in a big way this fall. Hot off the trail of the re-emergence of Art-Deco-via-the-’80s glamor, we’re noticing a decidedly different take on that decade’s trends with over-the-top, grandma-chic florals. (If you’re picturing something Molly Ringwald might’ve worn in Pretty In Pink, you’re not far off.) One store we didn’t think would be jumping on this look? IKEA. But the Swedish retailer is quickly becoming our go-to for maximalist vibes, and they’ve surprised us once again by introducing new couch cushions and covers with a very *particular* aesthetic in their October releases. And it’s, well, it’s kind of a lot.

Meet LEIKNY. These extremely flowery cushion covers ($7) are a more, er, tasteful way to get the look with accent pillows. But with the maximalism trend in the air, we say go for broke and snap up their coordinating couch and armchair covers, too. More is more, right?

If the all-out floral vibe isn’t quite your speed, don’t despair. You can still get the ’80s revival look with October release styles (out October 1) like the overstuffed-looking LIDHULT sofa, SKURUP lamps, and ALEFJÄLL swivel chairs. Feelin’ that moody Laura Ashley-inspired vibe and want to go all-in? Floral pieces like the SMAKSINNE tray, FILODENDRON duvet, and coordinating SARALENA cushion are all good choices to help achieve your garden-party-slash-bridesmaid-dress dreams. Pair with your favorite ’80s movie soundtrack and you’re well on your way to nailing the next #ThrowbackThursday.

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(Images via IKEA)