While the rest of Scandinavia is embracing the less-is-more, lagom trend, IKEA is blowing that subdued style out of the water with a brand new collab that is colorful AF. IKEA has teamed up with fashion designer Kit Neale to create SPRIDD, a bold collection targeted at “modern nomads living on their own terms,” AKA millennials who love their music festivals. The collection is vibrant, bold and just the thing to ward off those winter blues.

SPRIDD Collection_Limited Edition (2)

Inspired by music, the SPRIDD collection is divided into three themes that loosely reference different styles of music eras. The choice of colors looks like something you’d find in a candy store: quirky patterns for the electronic and dub culture, a bubblegum pink palette to represent the early ’90s hip-hop and grungy black and white prints for the metal genres.

SPRIDD Collection_Limited Edition (3)

The SPRIDD collection’s tagline is “furnish with fashion,” and it’s for those who live life on the move and could do with an “easier (and much more fun) everyday life in transit.” According to Kit Neale, “SPRIDD is very festival-y with the tents, duffel bags and flasks, and then there are the boxes for moving away to college or wherever. This is a collection to be moved.” And those prints? Consider us “moved.”

SPRIDD steel vacuum flasks_Limited Edition

So what else will you find in the SPRIDD collection? Everything from kitchenware, bedding, cushion covers and storage boxes to actual camping gear like tents, sleeping mats and duffel bags.

SPRIDD Collection_Limited Edition (4)

Kit also said that SPRIDD was inspired by youth culture and the chaos of youth (#beentheredonethat) and how music can shape our identities. The choice of colors is sure to make you feel young again and all the camping/festival gear is super cool. Featuring a variety of bold designs and useful gadgets, they’re just what your nomad lifestyle is missing, whether you’re heading to the gym or school, or dancing your heart out at Coachella.

SPRIDD Collection_Limited Edition (1)

The SPRIDD collection hits stores in February 2017, but since this is a limited-edition collection, we’re thinking it’s probably best to head over and pick some of this stuff up ASAP.

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(Photos via IKEA)