IKEA has already blown us away this month with their wanderlust-driven IKEA PS 2017 collection, the SPRIDD line full of festival swag and the matte black cabinets in the new February collection. How could it get any better?! Well, this just in: IKEA is launching a new gift registry where you can sign up for your dream items for weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, college dorm decor and really any other occasion that deserves a KALLAX bookcase or the perfect set of wine glasses.

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“A gift registry has been on our customers’ wish list for years,” said Ashley Wahl, IKEA Gift Registry Project Leader and CRM Specialist. “The new IKEA Gift Registry makes it easy for your loved ones to help you celebrate your special moments, whether it’s your wedding day, a new baby, an exciting move — or just any other reason to shower you with love. We’re thrilled to be able to now offer them this service and to play a small part in helping people celebrate special moments in each other’s lives.”


When you want to create your own registry, you have several options: You can download the IKEA Gift Registry app (available for iOS and Android); you can head straight to the IKEA Gift Registry website or you can hoof it out to the big blue store itself and use the IKEA Gift Registry kiosk to sign up for all your fave items. Just a quick heads up — the IKEA Gift Registry is powered by IKEA FAMILY, so to create a registry, you’ll need to be an IKEA FAMILY member (psst, it’s free to join).


Adding items to your registry list is crazy easy. If you’re shopping in the store, you can use the app to scan product barcodes, manually enter article numbers or capture and add the entire room (read: multiple products) using the special “snap photo” function. The best part? You don’t have to risk your relationship by assembling all your new loot after your big day! The “snap photo function” also allows shoppers to add IKEA services like home delivery or delivery with assembly to their list.

Once you’re done “shopping,” the registry list can be shared with guests via text message, email or social media. And don’t worry: You won’t have to explain your IKEA registry to your grandma a million times. Purchasing things form the IKEA Gift Registry is also easy. Your guests and gift-givers can grab the registry list from the kiosk in their local IKEA store or from the IKEA website. They then have four options to purchase your items from the registry:

1. Chip-in. Via the IKEA Gift Registry site, users can “chip in” a desired dollar amount toward the total purchase price of the product, a great option for big-ticket items.

2. Add to gift card. With the IKEA Gift Registry site, users can virtually “buy” an item; the value is then applied to an IKEA Gift Card, as opposed to buying the physical product.

3. Buy online. Users can purchase a registry item online and then choose to have an item sent to them or directly to you.

4. Buy in-store. They just buy the product in any IKEA US store.

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Whether you need some cozy bedding, a new crib or even an entire new kitchen, you can easily pick your favorites to add to your dream registry. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, IKEA is also offering the chance for three registry entrants to win a $1,000 IKEA gift card. The giveaway period start February 14 and ends February 31, but make sure you check out the site for additional giveaways and prizes on an ongoing basis. For official rules about the “IKEA Gift Registry Giveaway,” head on over to the official IKEA registry website and get all the deets.

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