We make friends through Instagram, communicate via social media and date through apps. So, when it comes time to tying the knot, why not do it virtually? IKEA wants to help you do just that with their new service aptly named, Wedding Online.

This new, free service by the Swedish furniture giant is basically exactly what you’d imagine. It allows you to have a virtual, albeit real wedding in which you and your guests say/witness the “I dos” online. In a very IKEA-kind of mindset, the company wants to offer a quality service without the super high price tag, and it works like this: first, you pick which wedding location you like best for your ceremony. You can select a stunning rooftop, sleek minimal decor or a fairytale woodland location — all dream destinations that might be too expensive to book IRL. Then you pick a location for the reception that, once again, could be anywhere. Since you and your guests aren’t actually traveling, any place is possible — you could potentially get married in “the woods” and have your reception “on the beach.”

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Once you’ve picked your locations you’ll be prompted to fill out a bit of paperwork if you’re looking to have this be a legally binding ceremony. Then pick a date and time. If a time slot isn’t available, that means another couple has already booked that date (only one wedding can stream at once on the website). After that’s all set, you can invited friends via Facebook and select your dress code. And that’s it.


When the time comes to actually say “I do,” there are a few stipulations. For the marriage to be binding, you and your partner must actually be in the same room, along with an officiant and two witnesses. But everyone else will click in from wherever they can open up a laptop, and just like that they’ll then be taken to your virtual wedding. Once they’re present, you’ll see their heads pop up in the guest slots. Folks you didn’t invite might be able to peek in, too. While IKEA won’t publish a link to your wedding, anyone can head to the website and observe, but won’t be allowed to participate.

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The idea behind IKEA’s new service seems 100% heartfelt. It’s a great option for couples who might have families on opposite ends of the world but wants them to be present for the occasion. However, anyone who has video chatted at least once knows that while it’s nice, it’s nothing like the real thing. You can’t hug old friends, mingle and dance with each other or catch the bouquet. Additionally, sitting next to your future partner while you tie the knot and staring into a screen almost seems like it would certainly take away from the intimacy of the experience. But hey, if your options are this or nothing, it’s definitely a 21st century experience you’ll always remember.

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