Our indoor gardens keep us relaxed, purifies our air, and adds a lush vibe to our space. But it takes more than just gorgeous patterned planters and the occasional watering to keep them looking their best. You actually need to clean them. Yes, just like everything else in your house, those plants need a little dusting now and then. Erin Marino, plant enthusiast and director of brand marketing at trendy online garden center The Sill, shares her plant cleaning tips that will help keep your jungalow looking fresh (and alive).

Keep them free of dust.

It sure doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate in a living space, especially around plants. Not only does it make the greenery look less than stellar, but it could block out sunlight and reduce your plant’s ability to photosynthesize.

Marino suggests dusting your plants on a monthly basis. You can *gently* wipe your the leaves with a duster, sponge, or soft towel. “At home, I use a paper towel moistened with tepid water. Tepid, or warm water, is key. Cold water could shock your plant,” Marino adds.

Shower (certain) plants.

For greenery that may be a little tricky (or dangerous) to hand-clean, a shower could be the perfect option. “Think of a plant in its natural environment. Frequent (or occasional for desert-dwelling cacti) rain showers help to keep a plant’s leaves clean, so really you’re just mimicking this natural occurrence,” Marino explains.

When watering/showering plants, make sure not to overwater, and opt for tepid water. You may love a steamy shower, but your plants definitely do not agree.

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(Photos via The Sill)