Your arms might like to be enveloped in sleeves (whether clothing or tattoos), but so does your laptop and maybe even your iPad. Share the love and make one of these 10-minute sleeves to keep your tech clean, covered and fashionable. In the past we’ve made cases out of yoga mats and canvas, so today we’re getting classy with pleather left over from our back to school tote project.


– leather or faux leather

– rivets


– awl

– fabric scissors

– ruler

– pen

– hammer


1. Measure your fabric by folding your leather over your iPad or laptop (we’re demonstrating with an iPad) with the folded end at the bottom.

2. Leave an inch on each side of the iPad. Make a small snip with your fabric scissors to mark the sides. Then unfold the fabric and draw straight lines using your ruler. Cut along your lines.

3. Fold the leather in half again and place your iPad back inside. Poke a hole through the front and back sides of the leather on one side of the iPad. Add the male part of the rivet. Repeat this step on the other side to ensure the right fit for your iPad. Take the iPad out and set it aside.

3. Set your rivets along the side of your sleeve to determine the best placement. Then make holes with your awl and stick the male side of the rivets through them.

4. Add the female side of the rivets to the back of the male and hammer in place.

Fold your (p)leather over your iPad or laptop with the folded end on the bottom.

Allow approximately one inch on each side of the iPad and mark it by making a small snip with your scissors. Then use your ruler to make straight lines. Cut along your lines and you’ll be ready to add your rivets.

First we need to add two rivets (one on each side) to make sure that the tech fits snuggly inside. Leave the iPad in the folded leather and then poke your awl through the front and back. Add a male rivet and then push the iPad right up against the rivet. Now pinch the other side so that you know where the other edge of the iPad lands. Nudge the awl through this side and add another male rivet. Slip your iPad out of the case before you add your other rivets. You don’t want it in there when you hammer. That would be disastrous!

Line your rivets up on the side of the sleeve using that first rivet as a guide. Jab your awl through the leather (gingerly, of course) and add male rivets to all of the holes. Do the same thing on the other side, and then add the female rivets to the backs. Grab your hammer and give those rivets a good whack. We recommend doing this on a piece of scrap wood on the floor or the top of a table. You don’t want divots in your table and those rivets will definitely leave a mark.

You’ve got yourself a striking new sleeve! Not sure what to do with your cords? Make one of these cord organizers out of the same material!

You’ll be high-class when you head to class with one of these.

So chic!

What other leather projects would you like to see on our site? Spout your ideas in the comments!