We know, we know. The iPhone 6S has yet to make its debut (six days to September 9!) and rumors are already swirling about the iPhone 7… but any iPhone-lover knows, it’s never to early to start gathering intel on what Apple has in store for us next. With the 6S and 6S Plus, we know that the cameras are getting a serious boosts (from 1080 HD to 4K for video and 8 MP to 12 MP for stills), the tech company may be unveiling a hot new rose pink color (WANT. NEED.) and added Force Touch may change the way we use certain features of the phone forever, like for gaming.

Of course, given that the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to make its appearance for another year or so, the rumors surrounding it are far less concrete. But that won’t stop us from getting excited! The folks at Mac Rumors suggest that for the iPhone 7, Apple has plans to completely revamp exterior of the handset, shifting gears away from its current 6 and rumored 6S shell. (FYI, due to the vast number of changes, it has also been suggested that Apple will actually be dubbing its 2015 iteration of iPhone the iPhone 7… so stay tuned).


According to BGR, the iPhone 7 may have improved touch screen sensitivity thanks to glass-on-glass touch panels, which Apple had once employed for their phones, but switched to in-cell technology for the iPhone 5. In-cell tech allows the iPhone to be slimmer, but its responsiveness has been a bit disappointing, which may be why Apple might have plans to backtrack for the 7.

In another piece by DigiTimes, the rumor site suggests that glass-on-glass tech and improved touch sensitivity could potentially change the appearance of the iPhone 7 by eliminating the need for a bezel (which is the slim, non-touch sensitive frame that currently runs along the two sides of the iPhone screen). Yup, the iPhone 7 could come with one massive screen.

And we’re not sure if we believe this one, because when something sounds too good to be true… it usually is :( Geeksnack alleges that the iPhone 7 could *POTENTIALLY* be making its debut a whole lot sooner than anyone anticipated. As soon as March 2016, in fact, when the Apple Watch 2 is supposed to be revealed. We’re a little skeptical because that would mean the iPhone 7 would be dropping just six short months after the 6S, which hardly give the 6S a fighting chance in terms of sales. Mm… we’re going to not get our hopes up on this one.

We’ve got a whole year (and change) to go before we’ll know if any of these rumors hold water. In the meantime, let’s get pumped for the 6S first!

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(h/t Mac Rumors, photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty + Apple)