For those of you who decided to sit out on the iPhone 6S upgrade and have been feeling particularly left out with the whole Live Photos, 3D Touch and rose gold color option, we have good news once again. The iPhone 7 rumor mill has been chugging away for some time now, and we’re receiving word from MyDrivers, a Chinese site that has sources in Apple’s supply chain, that the iPhone 6S 12 mpx camera is getting a hefty upgrade. Also potentially upcoming? Wireless earpods.


Currently, the iPhone 6S is sporting an impressive 12 megapixel back-facing five-element camera. Elements in camera-speak are the individual pieces of glass used to construct the lens itself, and each one is used to refract or correct in order to ensure the best quality image. The iPhone 7 will be upping the element number to six. While more elements doesn’t always equal better, in the case of the iPhone 6S to iPhone 7, we’re going to venture a guess that Apple is adding an element because they definitely intend on improving the photo quality in the next generation iPhone.


Also important is that those old white ear buds you have may soon be getting a facelift. According to MacRumors, Apple *might* have just filed a patent for new headphones called “AirPods.” Currently, Apple’s white ear buds are called “EarPods,” and so speculation is rampant that the September 22 trademark application for “AirPods” is actually the wireless version. While Apple’s Beats brand already has a number of wireless earphone options, AirPods *may* become the default headphones that come with the iPhone 7 in the box and feature Apple’s unique brand and styling.

Fingers crossed these audio and visual rumors are true!

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(Photos via Apple)