The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are old news (sorry, Apple). We鈥檙e already looking forward to next year鈥檚 iPhone 8, and the reasons why are endless. It鈥檚 likely we鈥檒l (FINALLY) see wireless charging and a completely glass exterior, and there are even rumors that touch controls won鈥檛 be limited to the screen 鈥 as in, you might be able to scroll using the back of your phone, for example. We鈥檙e not sure how that would work with your phone鈥檚 case, but we鈥檒l let Apple figure that one out.

Female hands holding new iPhone 6s Space Gray

Now there鈥檚 an even more exciting rumor. Synaptics, the company behind the original iPod scroll wheel, has developed an optical-based fingerprint sensor for smartphones. But what does that mean?! It means, dear friends, that not only is the Home button (and possibly even physical volume and power buttons!) likely gone for good, but you may not even need to touch the bottom part of the screen for your fingerprint to be read. According to Mashable, Synaptics says that 鈥渢he new FS9100 sensor is designed to detect fingerprints through up to 1mm of glass. That means future phones will be able to dispense with the need for a stand-alone fingerprint sensor; instead the sensor will be built right into the display.鈥

It sounds like we鈥檒l finally get the ultra thin, edge-to-edge glass phone we鈥檝e been dreaming of. The future is now, folks. Or, you know, next September when the iPhone 8 is released.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Getty)