The news surrounding all things Apple just keeps getting better and better. We now have the snazzy new portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and brand-spanking-new MacBooks with a magical Touch Bar, not to mention all the rumors about things that are yet to come.

Apple iPhone6 Charging with Lightning USB Cable

This year鈥檚 iPhone is definitely awesome in a lot of respects (hello, jet black!), but it was also underwhelming in others. We鈥檝e had the same old design since the iPhone 6, which means Apple鈥檚 last three phones have looked almost identical. Booooring! Usually after an 鈥淪鈥 iteration we get a big update, but it looks like that has been postponed a year so that the technology can catch up to Apple鈥檚 vision. If the iPhone 8 is anything like the rumors claim, it鈥檒l be well worth the wait.

Supposedly we鈥檒l see an edge-to-edge OLED display, say bon voyage to the Home button and now it even sounds like we鈥檒l say goodbye to corded charging! While this isn鈥檛 a new idea (there are already lots of cases with wireless charging capabilities), it will be the first time Apple has made it an official item on their list of things to be built in to the phone. According to the folks at Nikkei, Foxconn Technology Group is testing wireless charging modules for 2017鈥檚 lineup. This news makes the whispers of an edge-to-edge display seem more likely, as no charging port means more room in the phone. Nikkei also restated the rumor that we will see a curved glass casing on the 鈥減remium鈥 model 鈥 whether this will be the familiar Plus model or something new remains to be seen.

Either way, we鈥檙e already stoked.

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(h/t MacRumors, photo via Getty)