While everybody may be gearing up to buy (or receive) the iPhone 7 this holiday season, the tech world is already looking waaaaay ahead to next year and the arrival of the much-anticipated iPhone 8. We’ve already heard a ton of rumors about the phone, like that it probably won’t have a home button or that the screen is going to curve all the way around the phone, but up until now, there haven’t been any rumors about what the back of the phone could look like. But if a new Apple patent is any indication, the back of the iPhone 8 could undergo a SERIOUS revamp.

women using white iphone 4s

Basically the new Apple patent shows off a system in which buttons could be replaced with touch sensors around a phone. This means that your volume and power buttons could be totally replaced with a sleek system and touch-sensitive spots around the phone. So if you want to turn up your tunes, you would just tap on a specific part of the phone. Pretty rad, right?

But the coolest thing about this isn’t the replacement of buttons, it’s the new features that could pop up on the back of a phone. If you wanted to scroll up and down a page, you could do it from the back of your phone. 3D touch could add even more possibilities to what the back of your phone could do.

Although, we’ve got to mention that this is just a patent and there is absolutely no guarantee that this feature will end up on the iPhone 8, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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(h/t Forbes; photos via Getty Images)