Imagine if geometric patterns and 3D effects met to create one stylish accessories. Is such a glorious concept even possible? Issey Miyake makes everything possible with cutting-edge ways of imagining the futuristic lifestyle, and his accessories line, Bao Bao Issey Miyake, just released a new pouch line called Distortion. We promise it鈥檚 like nothing you鈥檝e ever seen before.

All of Bao Bao鈥檚 bags and pouches have an overarching theme of 鈥渟hapes made by chance.鈥 But for the Distortion collection, the brand collaborated with London and Yokohama based creative studio, N + R Foldings. The people behind N + R are pros when it comes to converting items from 2D to 3D by using origami and applying it to everyday practical items for a futuristic lifestyle. The Distortion pouch comes in a flat case, and then, yes! You get to build it from a flat sheet of scalene triangles into a 3D pouch. (Kinda DIY, right?)

Wanna see the build in action? Roll the tape!

The Distortion feels like a tech-savvy fashionista鈥檚 dream. The price tag reads a hefty $590, which is kind of okay since we can鈥檛 get it here in the U.S. yet anyway. It鈥檚 only available in Japan for now, but we鈥檙e certain it鈥檒l head stateside in the not-so-distant future. So start saving those pennies, ladies!

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(h/t Fashionsnap + Issey Miyake Bao Bao)