You could say that we’re a little psyched about 3D printing and how it empowers the Maker Movement. You can pretty much create anything, from metal furniture, clothing, handbags… even a house! All sorts of triple D innovations are happening around the country. But the U.S. isn’t the only place mad about the technology. Japan is home to a new 3d printed fashion label that is blowing our minds with beautiful objects.

One of the greatest creative teams in Japan, Mud Snail, just released its first-ever original products. The team has been supporting Japan’s foremost cutting-edge fashion brands, like Anrealage and Keisuke Kanda, by incorporating its 3D printed creations into brand exhibitions, installations and collections.

Past collaboration works include “low-pixel” themed pumps for Anrealage’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection, “Time-flow” themed wooden furniture for the Anrealage’s flagship store and stretched mannequin models for Keisuke Kanda.

The fashion community in Japan has long awaited Mud Snail’s debut collection — and here it is! The 3D printed pumps and wedges just arrived on the scene and are flaunting three dimension pattern that you can show off from all 360 degrees.

Don’t trust walking around on an entirely 3D printed shoe? You can go with just a 3D printed heel in gingham or paisley.

Prices run from $245 USD to $362 USD. Mud Snail products are sold on the Kiei Tokyo website, and the best news about that? You can shop them from here in the U.S. and in 100+ countries worldwide. Happy shopping.

Would you treat yourself with Mud Snail’s 3D pumps? What do you think of the tech fashion movement? Tell us in the comment below!

(h/t Fashion Snap + Kiei Tokyo)