We spend a lot of our time at Brit HQ jamming out. Since our office layout is open, most of that is more like jamming in, headphones on. But whenever we get the chance to get wild and go wireless, whether for a marathon DIY session or a Friday happy hour, one of our colorful Jamboxes gets the party started. We already collaborate with joint playlists and shared dance moves (half-kidding), now we’ll be able to sync up our Minis for surround sound thanks to Jambox’s latest Multi Play update.

Multi Play is the first firmware update (available to download… starting today, right now!) on deck for the speakers, a software solution that makes the portable players as social as those shared Spotify playlists you’re streaming through them. When you and a friend both bring your Mini Jambox to the party, picnic, bonfire or backyard BBQ, you’ll be able to sync them for twice the volume and gorgeous sound. We got a chance to pop by Jawbone HQ yesterday to get a first listen and two is definitely better than one, especially when blasting Pharrell. Here’s our playlist of five reasons Multi Play + Jambox will rock and roll your summer:

1. Updates = Less $, More ♫: Wait, soo Jambox has an update?! Yup, to their software, and one small update for the device has big implications for its future. We’ve been on the hunt for more tech that grows with us so we can cut down on the need to upgrade and the landfill-filling waste that is the side effect. Multi Play is a major step in the direction of one-time investment electronics that respond to your call for smarter, more social tech without having to throw down more dough.

2. Congrats, You + Your Friends Are All Now DJs: With your Mini Jamboxes synced, you and your friends can co-DJ any get-together. Jambox doesn’t discriminate, it plays Spotify, local iTunes playlists, Pandora, Rdio. And music is just the beginning. Swap YouTube videos IRL, premiere the trailer for your friend’s latest project — FaceTime a family member at brunch for the coolest speakerphone ever.

3. Turn a Tablet Into a Movie Theater: Two synced Mini Jamboxes in Stereo mode bring surround sound for Game of Thrones binge watching in bed no matter what device (iPad? Smartphone? Little laptop?) we’re watching our parents’ HBOGo account from.

4. About That Jam Sesh… Going solo? With this new update, Mini Jambox adds LiveAudio technology to the speaker that turns even music from one Mini into a 3D listening experience. You know how we feel about 3D anything.

5. Summerproof Your Jambox: Seriously, for $50, you can equip your Mini Jambox with a coating that will protect it from some splishing, splashing and overall fun in the sun. Good thing, because we have some seaside plans for all of this Multi Play action our Jambox is going to get. Don’t think we forgot about our no-sew Jambox tote!

Mini Jambox comes in nine colors with five different designs and is on sale right now for $129 through the official Jawbone site. Dads, grads, we think you know what you’re getting this year. Engraved.

What can we expect next from the Jawbone team? They’re not giving away anything juicy just yet, but with so much going on in the world of Up, we can only imagine that the next rollout for the team will include a way for the popular wearable and their speakers to make sweet, super cool music together. ‘Til then, we’ll be dancing to our surround sound symphony, testing candidates for Song of the Summer.

Do you already have a Jambox? What’s your go-to for wireless speakers?