You may think caffeine gives you life, but it could be totally killing your Zs and that is a vicious cycle. We know, we know, possible buzzkill. Jawbone’s new iOS app UP Coffee works with its wearable to figure out how that extra cup affects your mojo, and if that’s a habit you need its help breaking.

Everyone’s bod deals with caffeine differently, so this is handy in helping you decode what each sip means for you. ‘Fess up about every Red Bull, Nespresso and nibble of chocolate (yes, even dark — especially dark) so UP Coffee can track your caffeine levels as your day goes on. The app lets you know when you’re wired and shows how long it will take you to return to “Sleep Ready” mode. Over time it will analyze your relationship between how much caffeine you consume and how well you sleep. Here’s hoping it’s a healthy one. But if you need a break, it’ll help with that too.

You’ll probably have a little too much fun with the app’s experiments that get you to log your day drinking so it can compare you with other coffeeholics and unlock your Caffeine Persona. Oo, see? Fun! Once you have results, UP Coffee has solutions to any problems that. It will serve up suggestions for experiments to show you that small changes can make big difference in your day and night.

If you’re a fan of Up already, you probably have their sweet sleep app downloaded but this takes the wearable (and wearables as a whole!) to the next level by giving a solution to something that it was just tracking before. It also doesn’t hurt that this app is as cute as a button.

Are you a caffeine fiend or a decaf diva? If you use Jawbone, what’s your favorite app?