Jessica Alba knows a thing or two about healthy living. Not only does the business woman run her own company based on ethically minded household goods, but she stays on top of her physical health too, with an Instagrammable routine that pretty much anyone can follow. Now, she’s making it even easier to live your best life with a new webseries called “Health Hacks” with Attn.

In the two to three-minute long spots, the soon-to-be mommy of three dishes on everything from portion sizes to curing your hangovers, and TBH? Her tips are actually pretty handy! Check ‘em out below.


First up? Portion control. As the The Veil actress notes, American portions have gone up at least four sizes since the ‘50s, particularly with regard to fast food chains. In order to avoid unwanted extra calories, she suggest taking a cue from the Japanese, who use multiple small plates to serve their dishes, rather than one “big honkin’ American plate.”

She also offers a clue about how to fill those smaller plates in such a way that you won’t be left feeling hungry. As she notes, adding a protein (the size of your hand) and plenty of “fiber-rich veggies and leafy greens,” which should account for half your plate (and also add healthy bacteria to your gut) are a good way to start. She recommends keeping grains to a minimum, and nixing sugar where possible.


Instead of reaching for greasy food or hangover pills, which Alba, 36, says do little to help nausea or headaches caused by dehydration, she says it’s best to avoid mixing liquors, and to stick to lighter-colored drinks for minimum impact, quipping, “Simply put, the darker the drink, the harder the hangover.” (RIP, Cabernet).

If you ARE going to indulge during a night of drinking, she advises lining your stomach with carbs prior to getting your booze on rather than after, which will make you feel worse.

The following morning, she says reaching for enzyme-rich foods like asparagus and ginger, are a good idea, as are eggs, which contain nutrients that break down acetaldehyde, a main hangover-causing culprit.

Obviously, replenishing your fluids is also key, and while water is great, coconut water, which replenishes your electrolytes and detoxifies, might be even better.


Alba busts the popular myth that a pregnant woman is “eating for two,” but rather for herself and a teeny tiny being that only needs an extra 300-500 maximum calories per day to get all the proper nutrients he or she needs.

She also fills you in on the list of no-nos pregnant woman face during pregnancy, including raw seafood, soft cheese, unpasteurized liquids, like juice and milk, and undercooked meat.

Instead, our new health guru advises reaching for fruits and veggies (4-8 servings), grains, wild proteins (three servings), dairy products, and healthy fats (several). Mmm!


While this doesn’t necessarily strike one as a “health hack” at first glance, the entrepreneur explains how things such as a strong posture, powerful smile, and uncrossed arms can improve your life overall by indicating interest in conversations you should be paying attention to, even when you’re not (like an important business meeting). She also advocates for eye contact, a leaned-in posture in the case of a love interest, and keeping accessories, like a clutch or even a drink, to your side in order to avoid appearing closed off.

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