JK Rowling may be a famous author, but she’s also totally relatable in so many ways. From her love for the recent Harry Potter reunion to the eye she’s keeping on President Trump, we’re totally picking up what she’s putting down… or rather, what she’s tweeting. And there’s really nothing better than JK going after the trolls who try to go after the wizard of words.

JK Rowling

While some folks are not fans of JK’s outspoken beliefs, the author just keeps chasing the trolls right back under their bridges by responding with epic comebacks (and simple facts) to their critical tweets.

Just so you know, there are WAY more folks who are friends of JK than there are foes, and in any case, she’s not willing to pour water on the flames any time soon. In fact, she’s totally ready to feed the fire.

If you’re wondering what JK thinks of the sitch overall, well…

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(Photo via Samir Hussein/Getty)