Why is it that the second you unleash that crush-worthy nail color from the bottle it turns into a total terror? Covered cuticles, splashed fingertips and botched nail beds abound — and that’s from using your dominant hand. Well, practice ≠ perfect with those stubby brushes anymore thanks to Julep’s innovative Plié Wand, a long, flexible nail polishing tool that’s designed to give even the most disciplined of at-home nail doers better results.

The cosmetics brand must have heard our pleas to pretty plié-se send us some relief, which takes the form of a wand-like ergonomic handle that clips into any Julep polish brush or nail art tool. It’s strikingly longer and leaner than traditional brushes, and looks kind of like… an actual paint brush! The more intuitive shape not only allows for extra wiggle room (go ahead, stretch out your fingers), but increases your accuracy and control. Finally, budding nail artists are equipped with a masterpiece-worthy brush.

You can even angle the wand to customize your grip, as you’ll see in the video above. ‘Cause while your right hand may vibe with the straightforward pencil-like hold, your left may like the stability of an added angle. And once you find your sweet spot, there’s no going back.

Even though it has its major compatibility limitations, the Plié Wand might finally put an end to messy at-home manicures once and for all. We’re stoked to see a cosmetics company completely hack a tried-and-true enough design to make a sleeker, more user-friendly version, and hope that if it *really* busts the frustration, other brands will follow suit. You can pre-order the Julep Plié Wand for $25. Orders will start shipping the first week of June, so pump up that “Summer Nail Art” Pinboard like, now!

(h/t Fashionista)

Would you give the Plié Wand a whirl? What other tips, tricks and hacks do you have to giving yourself the perfect mani? Tell us in the comments below.