Justin Trudeau is undeniably the top political crush at the moment (not that there happens to be a whole heck of a lotta political folks we鈥檙e crushing on), but now it looks like JT may have a little competition. That鈥檚 because the internet has discovered another politician who is basically Trudeau鈥檚 lookalike, and folks are FREAKING OUT.

Justin Trudeau

Let us introduce you to Dutch Green Party leader Jesse Klaver, Justin Trudeau鈥檚 near-twin鈥

With the same dark, curly hair, sharp nose, and firm chin, these two could be brothers. The only difference, really, is the color of their eyes and Klaver鈥檚 rounder cheeks (Trudeau鈥檚 cheeks are more defined, which gives him those swoon-worthy cheekbones).

While Klaver鈥檚 politics tend to be even more progressive than Trudeau鈥檚 (which we in the US find pretty darn progressive), the two have plenty in common when it comes to their beliefs and goals. But when it comes to their looks, Klaver feels like Trudeau has the upper hand, telling the Associated Press according to the National Post, 鈥淚鈥檓 very jealous of Trudeau鈥檚 muscles, because I鈥檓 not as muscled as he is.鈥

Fair point鈥

The internet, however, couldn鈥檛 help but pick up on the resemblance鈥

And they鈥檙e LOVING it鈥

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)