Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau used International Women’s Day to make a huge announcement in support of women’s health both at home and abroad. While the US is struggling with our own health care issues, like the potential federal defunding of Planned Parenthood  (which no one is happy about, BTW), our neighbors to the north are taking a bold stand, probably to counteract some of the recent changes to international aid that our government has announced in recent months. And needless to say, people are taking notice.

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In his announcement during IWD, Trudeau pledged the funds to be spent over three years to support sexual health, reproductive rights and sexual education to help fill the gap left when President Trump signed his global gag order taking funds away from any not-for-profit that provides abortion support or services.

“Like men, women should be able to choose when they want to start a family, how big their family should be, and who they want to start that family with,”said Trudeau. The fund will also support gender-based violence programs. While we’re all heart-eyes emoji stateside, however, our Canadian counterparts are a little less thirsty when it comes to their leader.

Many Canadians find that his “feminist” stance is all smoke and mirrors, since he’s more pro-DAPL than his conservative predecessor. He also will not open a debate on universal child care, something many Canadians have pushed for for years (based on the argument that affordable child care helps working mothers), and he is also pro-Trans Pacific Partnership, a move that could be far more detrimental to Canadians than do good.

While we applaud Prime Minister Dreamy on his work, it’s always important to see all the sides of the story. We do hope, however, that the money earmarked by the Canadians does help many people the world over.

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(h/t Vice News; Photos via Chris Jackson + Etienne Oliveau/Getty)