The brand new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is getting a ton of attention鈥攊n part, due to powerful performances by the cast, namely actress Kate Walsh.

Walsh plays the mother of Hannah Baker, a young girl who has taken her own life and left behind a series of taped clues linked to her final days. In the series, Walsh鈥檚 character must face every parent鈥檚 worst nightmare鈥攐ne that鈥檚 all too real for those who鈥檝e lost loved ones. With this in mind, the actress took her preparation for the role seriously.

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鈥淚 spoke to two parents that had a child that died by suicide and I spoke to a psychiatrist, who deals with family therapists, but particularly with families that lost someone in the family to suicide, so it was really helpful to talk to people from both areas and to get as specific as I could,鈥 Walsh explained to E!

The Private Practice star recognized that this role was bigger than just her, and because of that she wanted to do the 鈥渕ost honest and honorable job you can to those who have had to deal with that kind of tragedy,鈥 she said.

Ultimately, Walsh hopes the show will make a positive impact, providing a better understanding of both suicide risks and prevention.

鈥淟ike with this show, unfortunately, we wait for terrible things to happen to get framework and education on how to prevent this stuff from happening,鈥 she told People. 鈥淚t鈥檚 up to us to educate ourselves, police ourselves and to put limitations on ourselves.鈥

The series debuts on Netflix Friday.

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