Kendall Jenner is usually in the news because of her fashion sense or her relationship with her family or, as in the case with last night鈥檚 clothing line debut, both. But today, Kendall announced one other thing she鈥檚 really passionate about in 2016鈥 and it鈥檚 not what we鈥檇 normally expect from the outspoken model.

Kendall released a video today sharing her support for Rock The Vote! an organization committed to getting teens and youth more actively involved in politics. In a year where we鈥檝e got a huge presidential election coming up, Kendall鈥檚 involvement with the organization shows she鈥檚 not just another pretty face. She鈥檚 interested in empowering young women and men to get out there, learn about their communities and vote with the knowledge that they鈥檙e making a difference.

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(Video via Rock the Vote; photo via Jamie McCarthy / Getty)