Is money holding you back from your dream of being an entrepreneur? Not on our watch. Getting an idea off the ground can cost big time, so we’ve brought in an expert on crowdfunding to teach our newest class from our growing catalog of online courses.

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Meet Lisa Fetterman. Three years ago, Lisa had an idea for a machine that would make “sous vide” cooking — a style in which the food is vacuum-sealed and then cooked to perfection in water, spa-style — possible from home. After running two successful Kickstarters, she was able to fund her product idea and make it happen. Now, she’s workin’ it as the CEO of her own company (!) and changing the home cooking market for good with her machine, Nomiku. The girl’s definitely on to something, so let her pass some of these smarts along to you!


In Lisa’s upcoming Kickstart Your Business With Crowdfunding online class, you’ll learn how to:

-Define your goals and keep a positive mindset

-Calculate the amount you need to raise

-Build a network for success

-Visualize your timeline

-Find customers

-Make your product video

-Connect with the press and launch your concept


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Early registration for this online class closed on December 13, 2015 at 4pm PST.