Throughout the holiday season we love trimming our tree and decking the halls with ornaments (and every other festive thing we can find). Those baubles don’t have to be exclusively for Christmas, you know. If you want to keep things festive all year ’round, get to know clay artist Kleineknetwelt, who made an ornament for every month of the year. Scroll through to find a spherical scene for each 30-day cycle, then head over to their Instagram for even more clay creativity (spoiler alert: it’s more than just ornaments).

January: The holidays have passed, but the chill is still heavy in the air. So why not cheer up in the frigid temps with a little penguin cuteness?

February: Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses that don’t die, right?

March: So there really is a pot of gold (and a leprechaun) at the end of the rainbow. At least throughout the month of March, we guess.

April: Springtime is here and the frogs are hopping in the pond. Just make sure they aren’t hopping into your home.

May: After all the April showers, the flowers finally arrive. Even if you aren’t into the whole gardening scene, you can pretend with this sunflower-filled scenario.

June: There’s nothing like the sun, sand and waves. But if you can’t make it to the beach during this month (or if you’re totally unlucky and can’t make it all summer) there’s always a nice alternative — a decorative oasis ;)

July: Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with this summery scene.

August: School’s back in session, and what a better way to remind the kids than with a reenactment of what their days will be like for the next eight months.

September: Prep for that pending harvest (we’re talking about candy corn season, duh) with this fall-centric bauble hanging in your home.

October: Put a spell on everyone who enters your home (hopefully that’s not trick or treaters) with this bewitching piece.

November: Just before the weather gets too cold in December, this month is the perfect time to grab family and friends and hit the woods for a little glamping action. Or just bust out the s’mores fixin’s and fire up the grill.

December: And we’re back to the month ornaments truly shine. Go all out and add the entire year’s worth of ornaments to your tree. Just make sure Santa is prominent if you want to stay on the nice list.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right: We’re going to need a new tree each month too. Share your fave holiday decor to leave up year ’round in the comments.