Including your four-legged friends into holiday photos can be a challenge, but with a little creative flair, you can make it a cinch. While they may not be cooperative enough for a tree selfie, if surrounded by pretty lights or left to relish in their natural habitat, you can accomplish these Christmas card ideas for your photogenic pet. We promise. So whether you’re planning on announcing a pregnancy or customizing a super cool Christmas card, check out these creative holiday pictures that incorporate the best members of the family — the ones that eat our shoes.


1. Kitty Christmas Sweater: If you can wrestle your cat into a sweater, that is a feat in itself — take a photo to commemorate the occasion and send it out to all your loved ones. A cat in a Christmas sweater + a photographer make for a stellar Christmas card idea. (via Brandi Watford Photography)


2. Snuggly Snapshots: Put a bow on your pet(s), add some snow and snuggle them up to keep warm. Voila! Perfect holiday snapshot. (via Photography for Memories)


3. Decked Out Digs: Dress up their favorite spot to curl up. Whether it’s your bed or theirs, a little garland and some red and gold decor make for a festive photo, even if your furry friend decides to nap. (via Daily Dog Tag)


4. Candid Canine: No need to pose your pup — just let them hang out beside the tree and snap a candid. (via Pretty Fluffy)


5. Up the Ante With Antlers: Reindogs are way cuter than reindeer. Though admittedly, they don’t look like they will be doing much flying. (via @youngblood.woofs )


6. Snuggle Up With Santa: Some rescue groups organize Santa meetings — yes, just like at the mall — for you and your furry four-legged family members. (via J Catherine Photography)


7. Let Your Feet Do the Talking: Curl your friend up in some string lights and add some festive shoes to the mix. (via Mama y a lo loco!)


8. Keep an Eye Out for Santa: Looking for Santa on a clear night can be tough without Rudolph’s nose. Luckily, these pups decided they would help out. (via Nice Animals)


9. Red-Nosed + Ready for Santa: Not sure who is Rudolph here, but Santa will definitely find his way to this guy’s house on Christmas. (via Nice Animals)


10. Baby’s First Christmas: These dogs look so regal beside a pajama’d babe. This is also beneficial if you’re photographing on a chilly day — snuggle up so everyone stays warm. (via Nice Animals)


11. Tag It like a Gift: What are the chances these two would have the same expression? Throw a festive quote on top and your Christmas card is good to go. (via Pretty Fluffy)


12. Pups in PJs: Matching pajamas are a must on Christmas, whether you have two legs or four. (via sarajoyce/Imgur)


13. Capture Santa’s Elves: Did you need these ornaments for the tree? (via Pretty Fluffy)


14. Make Sure Your Pup Is Present: If this were under our tree, we would be the happiest kids on Christmas. (via Southern Weddings)


15. Trim the Tree: “I brought you this branch. It’s a gift.” (via Buzzfeed)


16. Bearded Boxer: There is no guarantee your pup will love wearing a beard, but the serious look this guy is giving makes us think that Christmas is serious business. (via Anita Peeples)


17. Santa’s Elves: Who else will help him remove all of the ornaments from the tree and hide them all over the house? (via Buzzfeed)


18. Christmas Cookie Monster: Santa obviously wanted to share. We’re sure he won’t be upset — he gets so many cookies as it is. (via Padfoot, Whiskers and Wings)


19. Good Dog, Carl: Silhouette photographs are always so lovely, but there is something extra special about a Christmas backdrop. Add in a dog and a baby — cuteness overload! (via Nice Animals)

What’s your plan for your four-legged friend this holiday season?