Ladder decor is trending right now, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Why? Look below, and it’ll be clear. But really, the best part about it is that as soon as you get your thrift-store-found ladder home, you can just prop it against the wall and immediately add a mile of character to your once mundane room. Then it goes on to do helpful things like hold your mags, blankets, towels, and even pots and pans.

And you thought all ladders were good for were helping you change lightbulbs ;)

1. Magazine Rack: It beats stacking up your collection of Kinfolks on your kitchen counter. (via Binti Home Blog)

2. Topsy Turvy: Upside down and inside out, this ladder’s about to show you what it’s all about. Style. It’s all about style. (via Gustavo Xavier)

3. Shelving: Just add flat boards, and you’ve got yourself one stunner of a shelving unit. Also. That chair. So great. (via My Latest Obsession)

4. Bedroom Catch All: This old wooden farm ladder is pulling triple duty, part blanket holder, part magazine rack, and part reading light. (via Simply Groove)

5. Being Itself: Sometimes a ladder just hanging out, doing its job and looking lovely is the only thing it needs to do to make a statement. (via Country Living)

6. Tree Book Shelf: If you’ve got wee bibliophiles running around your house, whose favorite book just so happens to be the Giving Tree, run to the thrift store, buy a ladder, and get on making this tree-trunk shelf ASAP. (via Handmade Charlotte)

7. Purple Bunk Bed Ladder: Maybe if our moms would have done something simple, like painting our bunk-bed ladder an awesome shade of purple, we wouldn’t have minded sharing our room with our annoying little sister. (via Greenwood)

8. Stark Contrast: Paint it black and watch it stun. (via A Merry Mishap)

9. Tomorrow’s Outfit: If you’re the organized sort, you probably lay tomorrow’s ensemble out before you go to bed. With this in your bedroom, there will be no “laying” any more. (via Lotte Manou)

10. Nightlight: String up some strands of lights, and there you have it. Best nightlight ever. (via Alex’s Closet)

11. Rustic Ceremony Alter: If you’re having one of those totally sweet outdoor farm weddings, we’ve found your ceremony backdrop. (via Southern Weddings)

12. Pot Rack: Hanging a pot rack from the ceiling scares us too. This is the safer version. (via Andreas Stenmann)

13. Nightstand: The days of knocking over that glass of water that you put next to your bed night after night are gone. (via Feng Shui Trend)

14. Antique Kitchen Tool Display: We love antique kitchen tools as much as the next urban girl wishing to live the backcountry life, but what the heck do you do with your collection? We think this is an acceptable solution. (via I Want That)

15. Kitchen Linen Rack: We’re not going to lie. While we like the idea of storing our hot pads and towels on a ladder for the sake of accessibility, we’re totally mesmerized by this wallpaper. (via So Typical Dutch)

16. On The Wall Shelving: And can we get one of those epic in-house fences while we’re at it? (via Apartment Therapy)

17. Hanging Plants: Forget macrame. The new way to hang plants in your home has arrived, and it’s so, so, so much better. (via Derek Shapton)

18. Wardrobe: Crop tops and miniskirts, we might start rocking them everyday if it’s the only way we can use a ladder as our closet. (via Rock That Horse)

19. Clothes Rack: Or we could tackle this DIY and keep wearing our normal, adult-size clothes. Yes, we think we’ll do that. (via Living)

20. Christmas Tree: And suddenly we can’t wait for the holiday madness to set in again. (via French Country Cottage)

21. Shoe Shelf: If your shoe collection is as pretty as this one, don’t stick it in the closet! Put those lovelies on full display. (via Design Sponge)

22. Plant Holder: We’re heading to the nursery right now to buy more succulents than you’ve ever seen in your life. (via Eye Swoon)

Ready to step it up? Let us know in the comments below!