Lauren Conrad is killing it in the Halloween costume game this year. First, she donned an awesome fawn costume along with a group of friends for a “party animal” themed dinner. #Squadgoals. And she’s back at it on Halloween day with a twinning costume so creepy, you’ll have nightmares.


She and a pal dressed up as spooky little girls for a Halloween party in LA last night and she posted a snap of her look on Instagram. What is it exactly that’s so terrifying about haunted little children? We’re not sure if they’re zombie kids or ghost girls, but it’s creeptastic.


You can totally do your own, like our scary The Shining twins costume here, for an easy last minute costume. You just need matching dresses and makeup you likely already own (purpley shadows for under your eyes and a powder a shade or two too light for your face). In case you’d rather go pick something up at the store, since the haunting hour is upon us, here’s what you’ll need. Also, don’t forget the face paint!


1. A babydoll dress with a Peter Pan-collar: First and foremost, it’s all about the dress. There’s nothing that will help you nail the ghostly kid look better than a babydoll dress with a Peter Pan-collar, like this Urban Renewal Baby Doll ($59).


2. A sweet + spooky hair bow: Something about the juxtaposition of sweet and scary somehow enhances the scary (like adding salt to your cookies makes the sugar even more pronounced). You can score one of these hair bows just about anywhere, but a good option is this Forever 21 Classic Bow Barrette ($3).


3. White knee-high stockings: The knee high stockings are definitely a must. It’s great if you already have a pair laying around, but in case you don’t, check out these DKNY Opaque Microfiber Knee Highs ($8) to really make your look a standout.


4. Mary Janes: Here, you have lots of options. You can go with flats or heels, patent or suede, black or maroon. Go crazy! We picked these Vince Camuto Joshlynn Mary Janes ($139) because they’re perfect for a party but chic enough to wear on all the other days of the year.


5. An adorable stuffed teddy: The teddy is definitely the finishing touch — though you could go with any stuffed toy you please. Maybe you already have an old huggable stuffed animal that will round up this outfit, or you could spring for this plush bear with a bow ($15) to match your outfit.

What do you think of Lauren’s Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty + @laurenconrad)