Lauren Conrad’s newest Kohl’s collection just dropped — and it’s proof positive that style doesn’t have to come at the expense of comfort. In addition to redesigning all the LC Lauren Conrad jeans to have a consistent fit and tons of stretch, the California-born boss lady is also set to launch a cozy loungewear-inspired line this September called LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Collection. Stylish and snuggly? We had to know more. We caught up with Lauren at her New York City preview to get the details.

Brit + Co: So what was your biggest inspiration for these lines?

Lauren Conrad: Well, denim is a relaunch — we wanted to re-look at how we were doing denim and start with a clean slate. Every season we were updating and changing, but we wanted to create a line that had consistency in the fit and to look at the fabrics and washes to make sure we had the most updated styles; so it’s kind of a refresh. For the weekend line, we wanted a way to introduce some ultra cozy, soft fabrics, as well as relaxed fits into the collection so you could wear pieces in your everyday wardrobe or head-to-toe as a loungewear look.

B+C: And what’s inspiring your own style right now?

LC: Honestly, its the weather! Whatever won’t leave me sweltering dictates my wardrobe. I’m loving linen and all these great summery fabrics that are having such a moment right now.

B+C: How has your style changed since becoming a mom?

LC: It’s become a little more relaxed. I’m definitely avoiding things that are high-maintenance as far as clothing, whether it’s how they fit or how they wash. I don’t want to be really worried about my clothes throughout the day. I work from home most days, so if it’s my lunch break and I’m hanging out with my kid, I don’t want to be worried about ruining a piece of clothing. He’s just past a year, so it’s just a lot of trying to avoid spills!

B+C:What specifically were you looking to improve upon with the denim redesign?

LC: We wanted to make sure it felt fresh and updated and that there was consistency in the fit throughout. So across the different washes and styles, the “block” on top (the waist and hip area) is the same — so if you buy a pair and you really like the fit, you can look at different styles and you’ll have that consistency. Because a lot of times you’ll shop a line, and find something you like, but then you buy it in another wash and it fits totally different. The jegging and the super skinny are a little more stretchy, but the top fit is the same.

B+C: Are there any denim trends you never want to see come back?

LC: I’m usually going for fit instead of trend. I think there were certain trends like the capri that would cut you off halfway or ultra low-rise denim that were difficult to pull off and I’m ok if those don’t come back.

B+C: Whats the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of jeans?

LC: Probably like $200? But I haven’t done that in a while!

B+C: The September collection is weekend inspired. Whats your typical weekend look?

LC: I think it depends on what I’m doing but it’s very relaxed. I wear a lot of denim but right now it’s pretty toasty so I’m not wearing as much. I have, actually, a go-to pair of white denim overalls that I’m super into right now. I think they’re technically a maternity pair but they’re so comfortable I don’t even care! I’ve been wearing them because we go to Sunday concerts in the park or even over a bathing suit — it’s easy just to throw them on. It’s that or easy sundresses right now.

B+C: The Weekend Collection is great for travel— whats do you pack for a weekend trip?

LC: I haven’t taken a weekend trip in a very long time! If I’m packing for a couple of days, I’m just packing separates that I can mix and match. I never check a bag unless I absolutely have to! Like I’m wearing these jeans again tomorrow on the plane — they are super soft and stretchy. I normally just wear leggings unless it’s a very stretchy denim because the worst is when you have to unbutton your denim on the airplane, then you forget that you’ve done it and you feel like a real fool.

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