Most of us have had a layered haircut at least once in our lives, from the good to the bad to The Rachel. Layers are our go-to request when we want to switch things up without going full-on rainbow hair. Before you book your next salon appointment, nail down the ‘do that’ll serve your lifestyle and the length of your hair the best. If your pixie needs a pick-me-up or you’re looking to put a bounce into that bob, we’ve got 20 layered haircuts to guide you through just about any length.

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair


1. Jagged Layers: Add some oomph to your long hairstyle with some choppy layers cut into the ends of your mane. This subtle cut is perfect for giving extra dimension to a style that’s prone to falling flat. (via Brit + Co)


2. Long Layers: For a sleek and sexy look, start your long layers at the collar bone. The length of these strands will add visual interest to a longer cut, while also elongating your face. (via @hapatime)


3. Face-Framing Layers: If you’re aiming for that just-woke-up-like-this look on a daily basis, these short layers, starting at the cheekbone, are the *best” style to rock with some seriously tousled locks. (via @neatlooks)


4. Waterfall Layers: Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls” (TLC, duh!) clearly never saw this ethereal ‘do. This look works best with curled or blown-out waves to highlight the cascade effect of the layers. (via @lovecouturela)


5. Chin-Length Layers: Put a spring in your step — well, more like bounce in your hair. Give your tresses some extra body with side-swept layers concentrated up near your pretty face. (via @neatlooks)

Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair


6. Long Layers: Rocking layers doesn’t always have to be so dramatic. Keep things simple and sweet with long layers cut into your medium-length ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


7. Boho Layers: Break out the peace sign and throw on some tie dye for this ’60s-inspired look. These long messy layers, complete with bangs, are great for giving your hair that bohemian mystique. (via @carlasalle)


8. Jagged Layers: For a playful and spunky layered cut, add some jagged layers starting at your chin. This modern look is perfect for girls with thinner hair. (via @mediumhairstyles)


9. Textured Layers: Give your hair a more lived-in feel with some textured layers. This cut is all about removing excess bulk, leaving you with a clean-yet-undone look. (via @theresafrancine)


10. Chin-Length Layers: Bring a touch of romance to your next layered cut. The softness of these layers adds elegance to an already pretty look, while the chin-level layers help to elongate your face, making it a great choice for ladies with round face shapes. (via @msliine)

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair


11. Minimal Layers: Keep things chic and sultry with this minimalist ‘do. The low-maintenance look can be styled in minutes flat, and will give your hair effortless movement. (via Brit + Co)


12. Shaggy Bob: Keep things low-key with this sweet and short ‘do. These choppy layers are just the ticket for no-fuss style on a day-to-day basis. (via @taylorlashae)


13. Face-Framing Layers: Pump up the volume! Start your layers around your face to give your short cut some extra body. (via @raezz)


14. Asymmetrical Layer: Going for a Jennifer Lawrence-inspired bob? Add some light layers to your asymmetrical cut to give your short style a boost of feminine charm. (via @wideeyedlegless)


15. Short Layers: Still obsessing over those ’90s short layers? Bring this retro ‘do into 2016 by keeping the face-framing layers but wearing them on the straighter side. (via @lisalovesbalayage)

Layered Haircuts for Pixie Cuts


16. Long Pixie: Pixie cuts don’t always translate into bangs. Give your short cut a rocker edge with long, face-framing layers. (via Brit + Co)


17. Short Layers: Ahh, the dream: a super chic hairstyle requiring minimal effort. These seriously short layers are great for sporting some adorable bedhead (real or fake!). (via @khimandi)


18. Classic Layered Pixie: Going for a daintier-looking pixie? Give the short style some long, side-swept bangs for a softer appeal. (via @jetson_zero)


19. Choppy Pixie: Epitomize what it means to have a cool-girl cut with this deceivingly easy style. A choppy pixie is the go-to cut for lazy girls and trendsetters alike. (via @thecutlife)


20. Undercut Layers: Our obsession with shaved hairstyles knows no bounds. Give your shaved ‘do an extra dose of texture with this layered undercut style. (via @khimandi)

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