So, our hair is too long to sport the “bob with bangs” look we’re starting to see everywhere, even though we love it. Cute as it is, there’s no way we are going back to short after it took us so long to grow ours out to medium length. But the problem with medium length hair is… it’s so medium. Yeah, it can get boring. Well, it doesn’t have to be blah. From blunt bob to angled lob to minimal layers to messy curls, here are 18 medium hair styles to try.

Layered looks. Layers add texture and movement, so as a cut it never goes out of style. If you are medium trying to go longer or if you are growing out bangs, layers can really help by retaining some length in the back, while the rest of your hair catches up. It’s a great way to get past that awkward, in-between phase.

Blunt cuts. If you are happy with the length you are at, but want to get rid of split ends and fly-aways, a blunt cut is a great way to go. Hair that’s cut bluntly at the ends always looks healthy. And a blunt cut elongates the neck, giving you a posture boost. It’s also super-easy to style and can be parted to either side or the middle, for versatility.

The Lob. We knew last year was the year of the shoulder-grazing lob when Katy Perry went from long hair to medium in what everyone was calling a lob. A lob is simply a long bob, with hair cut slightly shorter in back and angled toward the face. If you love it, you could go for it too. It’s the medium-length hair look that almost anyone can wear, as it’s flattering to every shape face.

Soft curls. The freshest way to wear curls now is loose. To achieve the casually romantic look, ask your stylist for graduated layers. Armed with a barreled curling iron, you can make curls yourself. Begin by making spirals from the root of the hair and winding slowly down. If you find you are creating curls that look too tight, simply separate hair into larger sections.

The great thing about medium-length hair is its versatility. When you get bored with one look you can always try braids or a loose bun. Or get the latest updo, the messy top knot. If you’ve never done one, check out our tutorial on messy top knots.

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