Short hair, don’t care” is a mentality more and more women are embracing — myself included! I got into it with a hair razor, and after several impatient random slices of my locks decided it was time to step away from the razor and call in a professional! Enter my good girlfriend and fellow hairstylist Korina Stratton, who’s advised us before on how to choose the best haircuts for your face shape, and that’s just what she did for me! So here I am with a brand new pixie haircut. The first thing I wanted to do was play around with it to find the easiest, quickest ways to style it — and then obvs share with all of YOU!


One thing I found to be a major perk of an asymmetrical pixie cut is that its shape is insanely versatile. Because of the long-on-one-side, short-on-the-other silhouette, there are actually options when it comes to styling your hair — and not just with a headband. The three looks that are my favorite all stem from one blowout, and — get this — take about three minutes to do. So am I in love with my new short hair? Yes! And after you try these three quick and easy ways to style short hair, you will be too.

Prep: Add Styling Product


Depending on your hair texture, your prep product may vary. For thicker hair, prep with a thicker cream or serum. If you have curly hair, apply a hydrating styling cream that also controls frizz. I have really fine hair, so I’m using a favorite EVOLVh Smartvolume Volumizing Leave-in Conditioner ($27), which helps hydrate and thicken my hair to give it a more playful volume. Spray throughout damp towel-dried hair and disperse by shaking your fingers through your hair.

Blow Out Your Pixie for Volume


First things first: You need to set your hair up for success! Depending on your hair texture this approach may vary: If you have straight or wavy hair, start off by pulling your hair up so that each section is perpendicular from your head, and then use the tip of your dryer to focus on the roots of each section. This is going to lift and add volume to your roots. If your hair is curly, then you want to use a diffuser to blow dry your locks to keep them from frizzing out all over the place.

Check in: Look at That Volume!


Your hair will be lifted at the roots, which gives maximum volume — but those ends are a little cray cray!

Smooth + Shape With Blow Dryer


Step 1: Use a round brush to direct your hair to the side you want it to fall on.

Step 2: Once your hair is in the part and placement you want, use the round brush to pick up thin sections of hair that you will over-direct, which means to pull the hair up and beyond where it grows out of your head — this is going to give even more volume and shape.

Step 3: When you get to the ends of your hair, curl them under or out depending on the look you want. I curl the back under so it has more volume and shape.

Step 4: Flip the ends of the front and sides out so your hair doesn’t look like an egg or helmet shape.

Apply Product


Use a styling balm that’s going to piece out the ends of your hair for a little character. I’m using Rahua Finishing Treatment ($45), which is a lightweight finishing treatment that conditions as it texturizes.

Asymetrical Pixie Cut: How to Style 3 Looks in 3 Minutes

Literally all you need to do are these minor adjustments to get a completely different look each time!

Look 1: Tuck + Spray

Pull your hair behind your ear on the side that has less hair and spray a little hairspray for a chic, simple finish.


Look 2: Switch the Part

Pull your hair over to the opposite side of your head to create another deep side part. Notice how this time the other side of your head is longer than the shorter side of your haircut which makes each side look even giving an entirely different silhouette.


Look 3: Piece + Tuck

Use a styling balm to piece out the back of your hair and tuck the opposite side of your hair behind your ear for a variation on look one. Because your hair is slightly longer on this side, it will give a completely different vibe!


Boom! Simple as that! I can’t wait to keep playing and creating all the fun looks with this new haircut so I can share them with you all. Real talk: Yes, I had a mini freakout after I did the chop, but am learning to love the new ‘do and finding a different feeling of “sexy” that I never knew existed. So, if you’re on the fence and need that extra push to try out a super short hairstyle, I’m pushing! Besides, it’s just hair!

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