Jeez, light-up swing, you’re a couple of decades too late (we basically invented this in 1992 on our school playground… in our minds, at least), but we’ll forgive you. Argentine designer German Gonzalez Garrido created a super cool LED swing that’s like an instant light show every time you swing back and forth. Using electroluminescent tape around the perimeter of the swing and RGB LED lights for the bottom to project onto the ground, it’s every kid/adult’s dream.

As if it wasn’t fun enough just swinging around and lighting up the night, you can even play with the colors, gradient and flash effects using a remote control. Hooray for extra toys! We’re not sure this product will ever be on the market, but with a little elbow grease you should be able to replicate the swing at home, Master DIYers!

Check out the process (with dramatic music) below:

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