Leggo my LEGO and get out of my room! Looking at this room — we wouldn’t know what to put down first ;)

Tricked out from floor to ceiling in LEGO’s primary colors of yellow, red, black, and gray, British real estate developer Weston Homes, enlisted design firm Blocc Interiors to create this dream LEGO bedroom in an attempt to make homes more tempting to families.

Don’t fall in love too fast — many of the items featured in this room are custom made – including the Evolution of Lego Man wall decal (swoon) and that rad oversized LEGO brick headboard. Made-to-order, this room costs between £3,000 and £5,000 (that’s about $5,000 – $8,000) but will be included for buyers spending over £350,000 (that’s over half a million in US dollars). Yes, this room is begging for a low-cost hack.

We know this is a tactic aimed at families, but let’s be real, this room is ah-mazing. Can you imagine rocking a guest room like this? You’d always have someone in town!

We’ve seen product tie-ins to sell things in other industries (remember picking out themed lunch boxes when you were little?). This move by Weston Homes is an interesting attempt to bring real estate into that arena. Of course, Brit + Co. knows the power of these little bricks – they were a big part of our first ever Re:Make last fall. Either way, we’re all in favor of more LEGOs in the home. (h/t to PSFK for seriously making us look with this one!)

Are you intrigued with this outta-the-world LEGO themed bedroom? What would your dream bedroom be? Leave us a note in the comments below!