One of the best things to happen in Hollywood in recent memory is the fact that more and more celebrities have been speaking up about their struggles with their mental health. With Hollywood stars advocating for mental health support, we’re also seeing an uptick in celebs who are seeking out treatment, like Selena Gomez did late last year. Now, actress Lily Collins is also admitting her past struggles with an eating disorder, and her story is inspirational.

2017 Sundance Film Festival

While promoting her newest movie To the Bone at the Sundance Film Festival, the actress revealed that she, like her character, suffered greatly with anorexia as a teen. Having to relive that by losing weight to play a character with an eating disorder was tough, she says, but when she read the script, “…it was like the universe putting these things in my sphere to help me face, kind of dead on, a fear that I used to have. And, a way to explain it as someone who’s gone through it and to open up a topic that is considered quite taboo with young people nowadays, male, female, and to really start a conversation.”

With the help of a nutritionist, Collins was able to get back into the physical space of someone with an eating disorder. She was also able to come out of the exercise safe, healthy and ready to really share her struggles with fans and the public: a fact that clearly gives her joy (see below).

With so many young men and women still struggling with eating disorders and other mental health issues, we think it’s so, so important for stars like Lily to continue sharing the struggles that they themselves have faced. If you are struggling, know that you are not alone, and that help is available.

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(h/t People, photos via C. Flanigan, Rodin Eckenroth/Getty)