This might be the best PSA ever for recycling your real Christmas tree. The eco-conscious French company Do You Green is using salvaged pine trees to create luxury lingerie. You read that right: your festive greenery can actually have a very sexy second life once December ends.


While it may be hard to imagine those stiff needles from your fresh-off-the-lot pine morphing into something soft enough to grace your bare skin, Do You Green can be credited with this post-Christmas miracle. Its organic, cotton-like lingerie is indeed wearable, described as silky to the touch and boosted with cashmere for extra comfort. Offered as coy, everyday bras, panties and loungewear, the tree-based undergarments are like a French girl spin on Victoria’s Secret staples. Think: briefs adorned with frilly French lace, underwire bras with sheer cups and other cheeky designs that make the daily routine of slipping in and out of ‘em feel just a little more special.


But the lingerie itself isn’t the only noteworthy bit about Do You Green: its timber transformation process is proving to be a clothing industry game changer. According to Do You Green’s website, the enzyme processing that turns the dry bark and brittle branches into workable material uses less water than what it takes to produce a similar cotton undergarment. That means Do You Green isn’t just turning what might have been dumpster-bound into top-drawer treasures, but it’s also preserving precious resources along the way. Plus, the properties of the resulting fabric allegedly outperform its cotton counterparts: the company’s website says that its lingerie absorbs 2.5 times more moisture than cotton, making it a more breathable and hygienic choice than those cut from traditional cloth. With stats that outstanding, could pine-made performance gear be a thing of the future?


The specialized lingerie keeps its pricing relatively competitive, starting at about $18+ for a pair of underwear and $45 for a bra — a tactic that might help the masses cross over to the green side. Currently, delivery is only available within the EU for the French-made skivvies, though we’re hoping that a global brand like H&M’s Conscious will tap Do You Green to collaborate on a more wide-reaching yet sustainable scale at some point in time. After we make arrangements for our Christmas tree to be properly disposed of, we’ll put that at the top of our wish list for next year.

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