Let’s face it: Long-distance relationships can be really, really tough. Thankfully, technology has made things a bit easier, so staying in contact and keeping the romance going doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Services like Skype and Facebook Messenger have made it possible to talk to and even “see” your significant other with the touch of button. New apps are coming out all the time to help couples bridge that distance. Scroll on for five of our favorite apps that will keep the romance burning.


1. Tango: Tango has just about everything you need in your long-distance relationship toolkit. It offers free calls to mobile phones and landlines around the world, plus video and voice chats. If you like to share photos, you can add your selfies to a private picture gallery. You can even challenge your SO to a romantic game of War Inc or Marine Adventure if that’s more your speed.

DL: Free on iOS and Android


2. Sesame: Sometimes you need more than just a phone call to keep the romance alive. Sesame lets you send romantic, one-of-a-kind gifts right from your phone. Flowers are great, but sometimes it’s the personal touch that really shows you care.

DL: Free on iOS and Android


3. Hoppers: Of course, nothing beats an impromptu visit. If you’re looking for an inexpensive flight, try Hoppers. It predicts price changes and tells you the best time to book. It can also suggest better dates or airports to get you the best fare. With push notifications for price drops, you can be truly spontaneous.

DL: Free on iOS


4. Between: If you love Facebook, but don’t want to be disturbed during your couple’s time, Between is the answer. You can post private pictures, share moments in your relationship and chat without getting interrupted by Aunt Betty wondering how things are going. You can even keep a couple’s calendar, so neither of you will forget those important dates.

DL: Free on iOS and Android


5. Avocado: Here’s another great option if you’re looking for a private place to share photos and chat. You can even express your love artistically by sending private doodles to each other. The shared calendar works with Google Calendar, so there’s no excuse for forgetting your anniversary!

DL: Free on iOS and Android

What apps are making your relationship stronger? Let us know in the comments.