Cue up I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow, and get ready to feast on some serious eye candy. This insanely colorful collection by Christian Louboutin has our color-obsessed hearts swooning hard… even if we can’t afford a single candy-colored stud.

Each piece in this outstanding collection happens to feature some of our favorite colors. It’s like Louboutin was designing it just for us! Oh, and for everyone else who likes mixing bold hues with pastel ones ;) Of course, each piece also happens to cost about $1K so… this is definitely an article about looking and not buying. Mostly, we’re sharing this collection with you because we love everything about this aesthetic. The textures, the patterns, and the color palette are just totally on point. Now, if only our local stud supplier had these goods!

Do stay tuned for some DIY action inspired by all this eye candy. Until then, enjoy your brand new crush.

Sweet Charity Small Spiked Crossbody Bag ($1,345): The crossbody bag that started our crush. A girl can dream, right?

Mina Spikes Clutch ($1,895): But, it’s so little!? That gold clasp is everything.

Valou Spiked Calfskin Backpack ($1,695): If Gossip Girl was still on, this would definitely make its way to the steps of the Met.

Louis Spikes Calfskin High-Top Sneaker ($995): We thought we’d found the chicest sneaks around!

Pigalle Spikes Red Sole Pump ($1,295): And finally, the iconic red-soled pump. #iwantcandy

What insane splurge items on your dream shopping list? Any that we should try DIY-ing? Talk to us in the comments below.