We are head over heels for these gorgeous, colorful wall decals by one of our favorite makers, The Lovely Wall. Not only are these pops of colors great for your walls, but they also happen to be the perfect material for sprucing up trays, tables and other areas of your home. We’ll prove it!

Follow the quick (and lovely) tutorials below to see three new ways to DIY with hexagon, chevron and triangle decals, oh my! And be sure to hit up the B+C Shop for dozens of different decals perfect for your home.

With so many different color options and designs, don’t be surprised if you end up ordering more than a few sets ;) Now, let’s get to these decal-tastic DIYs.


We took this Tiny Honeycomb Wall Decal Set ($29.50) and used the decals to turn a plain old white tray into a beautiful, conversation-worthy piece of decor.

These decals are as simple as peel-and-stick, and it’s pretty easy to take them off and fix their alignment if you mess up. We started in the middle of our tray and worked our way out. Depending on the dimensions of your tray, you may need to cut a few of your hexagons in half or in thirds to fill the space.

Plus, we have enough decals left over to do another tray or two, which could be a great way to make a set for entertaining.

Dang, that tray looks goooood.


As you can imagine, this laborious process took all of… five minutes! It’s an easy way to personalize a piece of basic furniture or old pieces that are getting a little worse for the wear.

Apply a few arrows from the Navajo Arrows Wall Decal Set ($30) and…

You’re done. How fun is that?


Finally, wall art! We love the idea of using these decals on the wall as you see in the photo on the left, and then using leftover triangles to create wall art to put in the same room.

This Rainbow Triangles Wall Decal Set ($57) comes with a TON of colors. You could easily decorate multiple walls with just one set. When we created these two pieces of art, we barely made a dent in the decal roll!

As you can see, it’s simply a matter of layering triangles over each other to create an abstract shape.

Voila — an artiste is born! :)

Have you ever used wall decals in your home? Got any other creative ideas we should check out? Talk to us in the comments below.