You’ve watched those videos before: little kids totally amazed, stunned and overcome with joy from hearing their parents’ voices for the very first time. Incredible, right? It’s even more so when you learn that many life-changing moments just like those are made possible thanks to a pair of headphones. That’s right: More than 15,000 people across the globe have had their hearing restored because commuters, desk DJs and music fans like you plug in with a pair from LSTN.

Like Toms and Warby Parker, LSTN makes it easy to use your consumer powers for good: the brand’s plush headphones and earbuds are some of the most handsome of its kind. Handmade from four classy kinds of reclaimed scrap wood — the same kinds used to make top-of-the-line guitars, drums, piano keys and clarinets — they promise a warm and natural sound that’s sure to suit the most dashing of audiophiles. Thoughtful details include built-in mics and noise-isolation design, plus each model is named after a famous US music venue. Rock on.

Look good: Tick! Sound good: Tick! Do good: Wait, you’re questioning the affordability factor, aren’t you? We know do-good inventory tends to come with a sky-high price tag, and that the same goes for nearly anything made of reclaimed wood, but LSTN headphones are really affordably priced: $50 for earbuds and up to $150 for headphones — that’s cheaper than any Beats equivalent. So yes, go ahead and tick off the box next to “Do good” too. Your Add to Cart means that the Starkey Hearing Foundation just saw a spike in their donations, which means another hearing impaired person will soon be outfitted with a life-altering hearing aid, possibly by the LSTN founders themselves. Grab a tissue and watch how your purchasing power could turn into action.

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(h/t Co Design)