Everyone loves a good sunset pic. But just happening to be at the right place at the right time to snap that beautiful, multi-colored moment as the sun is going down isn’t easy. Until now. A new app called Lumy helps photographers keep track of when the sun is rising and setting.

These “magic hours” are the prettiest times to take photos because they’re when the light is soft and warm. You know how people tend to look better in candlelight? This has the same effect. If you’re a professional photographer, Lumy will make your job a lot easier. If you just like snapping pics with your phone to post for your friends, hey, who doesn’t look better bathed in soft lighting? And if you’re a romantic, this will surely seal the deal.

Besides sending alerts for picture-perfect settings, Lumy keeps track of weather conditions, too. That way you’ll know if you have to reschedule that picnic in the park photo opp you have scheduled for this weekend and move it indoors.

Lumy just launched and is available for $2 for all of your iOS devices.

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