As a busy mom or dad, it can be hard to find the time in the day to flex your creative muscles. When your schedule is packed with a million activities, sitting down for an hour by yourself to get creative isn’t really an option. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Why not squeeze a little creativity into your daily life during lunch? Instead of making the usual PB+J, check out these 10 ways to get creative with your midday meal. Trust us, your kiddos will thank you.

Harry Potter

1. Magical Meal: You don’t need a magic spell to convince your kids to eat their vegetables; just serve them up Harry Potter style and they won’t be able to resist. (via Instagram)

puppy pizza

2. Puppy Pizza: It’s a perfect combination of two of our favorite things — puppies and pizza! These little guys are easy to make and tasty to eat. (via Bento Monsters)

sea turtle quesidillas

3. Sea Turtle Quesadilla: With avocado shells, crushed graham cracker sand and yogurt waves, you’ve just turned a normal lunchtime meal into a seaside escape. (via Cute As a Fox)


4. Beaker BLT: Try serving up this edible vision of a classic Muppets character. They’ll never turn up their nose at carrots again. Meep, Meep. (via Handmade Charlotte)

rocket ship

5. Rocketship Sandwich: These rocketship sandwiches will have your kids thinking you’re outta this world ;) (via Food Chics)

vegetable rainbow

6. Vegetable Rainbow: A creative snack that’s packed with color… and nutrition, too! (via Little Food Junction)

bunny bowl

7. Bunny Bowl: A bowl full of oatmeal with a fruity rabbit smile certainly shows off a bit a creative spunk. (via Little Food Junction )

snoopy snack

8. A Snoopy Snack: Put together a hardboiled egg, toasted bread and a few strawberries to create a Snoopy that is set to inspire. (via Bento Monsters)

watermelong piggy

9. Fruit Pig: A watermelon piggy with a berry face is the perfect summertime snack to inspire your creative side. (Plus, it’s super cute.) (via Meet the Dubiens)

pirate plate

10. Pirate Plate: Ahoy, matey! Get creative while re-creating this veggie pirate and his kiwi parrot. (via Little Food Junction)

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