We’ve tried to pin down the secrets to dressing like a French girl before. But it seems like between the stripes-on-stripes-on-stripes and the rich jacquard textiles, something’s getting lost in translation. That’s where Madewell is stepping in to lay down the sartorial blueprints, with help from the cult-favorite Parisian label madewell Sézan. They’re launching an exclusive 14-piece collection of rue style must-haves.

The limited-edition garments are just as wearable and polished as anything Madewell has ever offered, but elevated by a certain je ne sais quoi from Sézan designer Morgane Sézalory. The dresses are laid-back, the knits are warm and the bags are sophisticatedly simple, giving off a cozy-chic vibe throughout. And if there’s one major takeaway from the impossibly cool lookbook — besides to live in its famous Le Superbe sweatshirt (*if* you were able to snatch it before it sold out in a flash) — it’s to wear these effortless pieces with a matching tomboy attitude.

Muted tones and unfussy silhouettes make pieces from the collaboration — the first ever available stateside! — easy to add into any wardrobe, proving that when it comes to style, French girls really are flawless.

What pieces are you saying oui to? Tell us your favorite French girl-inspired styles in the comments below.