It’s no secret that the French are totally on top of their style game. Whenever we even hear the slightest mention of Paris, we immediately think of toasty baguettes, the beautiful Eiffel Tower and, most importantly, some seriously well-dressed Parisians. From fantastic stripes to the beloved LBD, here are 20 trendy ways to appreciate all that our sophisticated European pals have taught us about fashion.

Little Black Dress

1. Escura Crepe Dress ($138): Designer Coco Chanel is famous for having created the oh-so loved image of the little black dress in the 1920s, and we are forever grateful. We especially love the sheer back on this one.

2. Embellished Arm BodyCon Dress ($23): We’re all about embellishments here at Brit + Co, and this dress is no exception. Those are some pretty rad sleeves.

3. LBDream Dress ($90): We’ve established that LBDs have been around for a long time, and this silhouette is as classic as they get. This needs to get into our wardrobe ASAP.

4. Deep V Skater Dress ($31): Sexy in the front, sexy in the back. All you need is some arm candy and you’re all set!

5. Style Maven Dress ($50): Check out that awesome geometric design! You don’t even need a necklace for this one, though we’d never say no to a bright pair of teal pumps.

Jacquard Clothing

6. Midi Skirt in Baroque Floral Jacquard ($96): Thanks to Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard, inventor of the Jacquard loom, we’ve been able to enjoy intricately woven textiles for more than two centuries. This midi skirt is so stunning, we just can’t imagine life without it.

7. Garden Party Jacquard Dress ($73): This floral dress just screams summer. Imagine how adorable you’d look wearing this dress at your BFF’s bridal shower!

8. Jacquard Bomber Jacket ($258): It’s never too early to start planning for fall fashion, ladies. This is one of the trendiest bomber jackets we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

9. Daphne Animal Jacquard Dress ($153): We simply adore all animal prints, especially when they’re in pretty hues such as this one. That contrasting panel in the back is a perfect addition.

10. Full Skirt in Globe Trekker Jacquard ($67): This skirt would be an excellent choice for date night, especially when paired with a simple black crop top. Seriously, how cute is this outfit?!

Denim Clothing

11. Stet Embroidered Shorts ($88): Did you know that the denim textile was originally invented in France? These denim shorts will be your go-to pair for the rest of the summer.

12. Crossover-All Overalls ($108): Overalls, you say? Heck yes! These beauties are back and our ’90s-loving hearts are singing.

13. Denim Dress With Cut Away Waist ($132): All denim dresses are wonderful, but we think that this one beats the rest. Just check out those fab cutouts!

14. Zip-Up Cropped Denim Vest ($40): Denim vests are a great way to add a casual touch to an outfit. We’d recommend pairing this one with a boho printed maxi for the ultimate festival season look.

15. High-Rise Skirt in Patched Denim ($157): If you’re like us, you can never decide which shade of denim you like best. No worries, this lovely skirt‘s got ’em all.

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

16. Stripe Bardot Dress ($58): Whenever we think about French fashion, stripes always seem to come up. Turns out it’s once again due to the awesome Coco Chanel, who began to incorporate stripes into her fashion more and more after taking note of the French navy’s striped uniform. Cool, huh!

17. Slanted Stripes Midi Dress ($188): Are the stripes slanted or are the colors? There’s an optical illusion for ya.

18. Michelle Stripe Shorts ($31): With all those killer musicians touring this summer, you’ll definitely want to add these striped shorts to your closet. They’re so versatile that they’ll work for multiple concerts, from One Direction to Justin Timberlake.

19. Scrolled Stripe Tunic ($98): There’s nothing more French than a beautifully ornate design. While we’re totally crushing on this top, it’s a tad pricey. Anyone up for some DIY brainstorming?

20. Bonjour Mes Amis Sweater ($35): Stripes and a French greeting? This sweater wins all the awards.

Which French-inspired fashion is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below. Au revoir!