Your maid of honor is your BBFL. She’s the first to RSVP to your clothing swap, she’s totally down to run your first marathon with you and she’s planning on throwing you a bangin’ bachelorette party. So obviously, you want your favorite lady to share some of your spotlight on the big day. Here are 12 ways to make sure everyone at your wedding knows who’s got your back.


1. The Long and Short of It: A simple way to have your MOH stand out as captain of the bridesmaids is for her to wear a long version of the other bridesmaids’ dresses. Your party girls get to show some skin, while your go-to gal glams it up in a maxi. (Photo via Ashley Gillet)


2. Belt It Up: When all the bridesmaids are wearing the same gown, give your bestie a little bling so she’ll sparkle down the aisle. And even if she won’t really wear that dress again, she can definitely find a use for a gorg belt. (Photos via It’s a Bride’s Life, BHLDN)


3. A Bouquet of a Different Color: Give your MOH an extra pop of color in her bouquet. Adding an extra accent color in there will not only signify that she’s extra special, but it’ll add an extra splash to your photos. (Photo via Joyful Weddings and Events)


4. Signature Bling: Weddings are all about those tiny details. Robert Barnowske, VP of design for David’s Bridal, suggests giving your MOH a stunning statement necklace to wear while the bridesmaids wear matching bracelets. It’s just the kind of detail that makes the day extra precious. (Photos via J. Crew)


5. A Darker Shade: Keep it monochromatic, but still interesting, by having your MOH wear a darker shade of the same hue the bridesmaids are wearing. Even better: Have the best man wear a tie matching the maid of honor’s darker dress. (Photos via Style Me Pretty, Weddbook)


6. An Element of Surprise: Bridesmaids wearing white is all the rage right now, and what can we say? It’s unexpected, and we love it. But up the ante by giving your maid of honor a color that will pop against the white, like hot pink, for an extra dose of surprise. (Photo via Ever After by Emily)


7. Pattern It Up: An ideal twist for a spring or summer wedding, adding a little print into the mix make your bridal party look as fresh as a bouquet of flowers. Your wedding will feel like a chic garden party with your girls dressed in such adorable frocks. (Photo via Nordstrom)


8. All Dressed Up in Lace: Robert Barnowske is also a big fan of lace, telling us that lace dresses are an up-and-coming trend for bridesmaids. Keep it subtle by choosing a lace version of your bridesmaids’ satin gowns for your MOH. (Photos via David’s Bridal)


9. A Ravishing Headpiece: Give your maid of honor a headpiece to wear that’s reminiscent of your own veil as a quiet, sophisticated nod to your sisterly bond. (Photo via Engaged and Inspired)


10. Contrasting Hues: Highlight your maid of honor’s importance in the wedding by giving her a contrasting color to wear. This is also a fun way to play up a particular accent color in your wedding’s color palette. (Photo via Outer Rinner)


11. Switch Up the Style: Let’s be honest, different dress styles look better on different body types. Maybe one of the perks of being your MOH is that she gets to pick the style that suits her best but lets her stand out from the others. (Photo via Chic Vintage Brides)


12. Shoe Stunner: Have your maid of honor rock a showstopping pair of shoes down the aisle for a detail that’s all her own. These gold heels will win your MOH’s heart.. (Photo via BHLDN)

How will your maid of honor stand out in your sea of bridesmaids? Let us know in the comments!