Is anyone else obsessing over the bright hair trend? Ok, good — it’s not just us. Now that your hair is a fabulous fuchsia or aquamarine, it’s time to learn how to maintain those fun locks. That’s why we are here to educate you on the hair cuticle — the outermost layer and what gives hair the strength that we’re always fighting to protect. Taking care of the cuticle is what helps keep your locks bright and totally on trend. Read on for more tips for maintaining those bright tresses and keeping that cuticle strong.


1. Get a Trim: After your hair is infused with those bright hues, it needs some love. Your cuticle is blown open due to the lightening process, so a trim will help close it. That will mean less color bleeding on your pillows and in the shower. This is probably the best answer to any type of chemical change in your hair. When in doubt, get it trimmed!


2. Ask for a Clear Gloss: Most every salon brand has a gloss or shine system. It’s more or less a top coat to add shine and condition. It lasts a few weeks and penetrates more than a deep conditioner ever will. If you decide to get a conditioning treatment instead of a shine, ask the stylist to put a little of your hair color in the conditioner. These gloss treatments are also the bomb for helping grow your hair out.

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3. Rinse With Cool Water: So this is not the most pleasant tip, but it will lessen the fading process. Warm water opens the cuticle and is a no-no post-dye job. So after coloring, wait as long as possible to wash your hair and use cool water when you do. Speaking of water, swimming in chlorine can make the color dull faster, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop swimming. Just keep your hair out of harms way but putting it up in a swim cap.

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4. Heat Styling: We’re not saying to fully stop wearing cute styles, just don’t style your hair when you’re having a lazy day, or pick a day or two to rock a top knot. Be sure to protect your hair with your favorite thermal-fighting product. This heat avoidance also includes those harmful UV rays from the sun. To keep it protected, just throw on a cute sun hat, and voila! Instant protection and style.

What have you done to maintain your bright color? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via Jason Merritt, Stephen Lovekin, Andrew Toth/Getty + @chantellebaker)