Besides ordering chicken over pork at your local Chipotle, can you remember the last time you tried something new? We say go bold or go home and give rainbow hair a shot. If Kelly Ripa can rock a sultry shade of blue on her mane, then you can totally take the plunge too. Whether you call it rainbow hair or pastel hair, this trend is here to stay. Even if you don’t want to jump on the unicorn-hair train, scroll on for some major #FOMO by looking at these rad hairstyles that are great for rainbow hair.


1. My Little Pony Braid: We are getting super nostalgic just by looking at her hair. It’s almost too pretty to look at. (via Blondies of Melbourne)


2. Ring of Fire Braid: We can totally see this kick-ass braid on Game of Thrones. All you’d need is a few pet dragons to mother and you’d be good to go! (via @dyedollies)


3. Ombre Waterfall Braid: We want to rock this look at the next concert we go to. Not only does this braid look stylish, but it’s perfect for those super hot days. (via @soustoast)


4. Pastel Waterfall Braid: While this waterfall braid is beautiful on its own, it looks even better when blue, purple and pink are involved. (via Jackie Von Foxxx)


5. Whimsical Updo: Don’t worry — you don’t need magic to recreate this look. With a little bit of patience (okay, a lot) and a curling iron, we bet you’ll be rolling in the compliments. (via POPSUGAR)


6. Braided Flower Power: While the colors are bold and beautiful on their own, you can amp it up even more by braiding your hair to the side and adding a little bit of nature to your ‘do. Flowers always make everything better. (via Teacup Dinosaur)


7. Twist It Bright: Super fun and girly, this hairstyle is meant to let loose and go wild. (via @xostylistxo)


8. Rainbow Dutch Braid: This look was meant for those I’m-too-lazy-to-wash-my-hair days. Just braid each side and pull at the braids to create more volume. (via @paumua)


9. Neon Bright: We are madly in love with this neon braid, and we’re ready to steal this look right now. (via @ashleyshotwellcakes)


10. Ballerina Bun: Who says rainbow hair can’t be elegant? With a little bit of backcombing and lots of hair spray, you can recreate this look for a fancy night out. (via Pretty Designs)


11. Side Braid: If you can’t decide on what color you want, choose them all! This braid looks really bold against her platinum-white hair. (via POPSUGAR)


12. Upside-Down Braid Updo: This ‘do is meant to be your new go-to for the summer heat. Doesn’t it look chic with the purple and blue mixed together? (via Just For Fun)


13. Single Rainbow Braid: Nothing says “go bold or go home” better than this hairdo. With all the colors of the rainbow in one pretty braid, you bet we are on board this awesome-hair train. (via Pretty Designs)


14. Double-Braided Bun: This style is great for when you have so much hair you just don’t know what to do with it. Pair it with a bold lip and pastel-colored eyeshadow for a girly finish. (Xander Vintage)


15. Fruit Loop Braid: While you might get hungry just looking at this braid, we recommend skipping the bowl of milk and diving right into this oasis of a hairdo. (via Anthology Hair)

Are you thinking of dyeing your hair any bright hues and trying these hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below!